what is the weights and measures act

1963 Sch. Without prejudice to section 15 of this Act, no article shall be used for trade as a cubic measure of ballast other than a receptacle (which may, if so desired, form part of a vehicle) which conforms with such requirements as to form, capacity, calibration and other matters as may be prescribed ; and any person who uses for trade, or has in his possession for use for trade, as a cubic measure of ballast any article other than such a receptacle shall be guilty of an offence. In section 14 of the Weights and Measures &c. Act 1976, for the definition of “the 1963 Act” there shall be substituted the following—. 10. Without prejudice to the generality of sub-paragraph (2) above, conditions included in an approval by virtue of that sub-paragraph may–. 5 para. The statement referred to in sub-paragraph (2)(d) above shall not be required at any time while the vehicle is travelling between the place where it was loaded and the nearest suitable and available weighing equipment if the whole of the vehicle's load is being delivered to the same person at the same premises and the delivery document states that the quantity of the ballast is to be expressed by net weight determined by means of that equipment and specifies the place at which the equipment is situated. In this Schedule— “the 1963 Act” means the Weights and... Any reference, whether express or implied, in any enactment, instrument... Where a period of time specified in an enactment repealed... Any local Act passed before 31st July 1963 shall continue... Where an enactment contained in any local Act passed before... Any standard which immediately before the commencement of this Act... A certificate of fitness for use as a local standard... Any equipment to which section 11 of this Act applies... (1) Each of the following instruments, namely—. 21(2)(b) omitted (1.10.2015) by virtue of, Nothing in the definition of “gallon” or “. An Act respecting weights and measures. 2; S.I. 12(3), 14(1), Sch. In the case of any such train as is mentioned in paragraph 22(1)(d) above, the train bill shall contain the following information—. 7 para. 5 para. 3. the total net weight of fuel carried in the train, a statement of the type of fuel carried in the train, and. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT [Date of assent: 23rd December, 1987.] 5 para. No order shall be made under this paragraph unless a draft of the order has been laid before, and approved by a resolution of, the Northern Ireland Assembly. 75. [Date of commencement: 1st February, 1988.] 1966/238 art. Act not to apply to inter-State trade or commerce.—Nothing in this Act shall apply to any inter-State trade or commerce in,— (a) any weight or measure, or 74. 11 para. An Act to amend the Weights and Measures Act. all the vehicles comprised in the train are coupled together in such a manner that they may be weighed while in motion by equipment designed to determine the total weight of the train, and the buyer has agreed with the seller that the total net weight of fuel carried in the train shall be ascertained by deducting the total weight of the train so determined before loading from the total weight thereof so determined when loaded. This paragraph and paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 below have effect subject to the exemptions in paragraph 7. 9(1). These Regulations may be cited as the Weights and Measures L.N. 1 omitted (1.10.1995) by virtue of, Sch. 4 para. Weights and measures activities are pervasive within the United States. Interpretation Définitions Definitions Définitions 2 In this Act, Any collection to which this paragraph applies shall be pre-packed only if—, the container in which the collection is pre-packed is marked with an indication of the quantity of each of any such articles as mentioned in sub-paragraph (1) above contained in it, or. an approval is to be, or has been, granted to any person.

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