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They grow quickly and are exceptionally fertile. The breeds have mainly four categories like meat, fiber, milk, and Goat hides. (source). Originating in South Africa, Boer goats have become one of the most popular meat goat breeds in the United States. The breed is well known for producing the finest quality Cashmere wool. They also have great reproduction quality. Damascus Goat. You will have a clear knowing of the specific breeds, its purpose, and its distribution. Dogs, like humans, are extremely social animals and pack... New Forest Pony is one of the nine native... House birds which are kept only for companionship or... Fjord or Norwegian Fjord Horse is a small draft... 20 Most Popular Goat Breeds of the World You Should Know, The Goat has been domesticated since the existence of human beings in the world. Some dairy goats also suitable for meat production. Select a breed from the list of breeds on the left. Toggenburg goats are medium-sized, sturdy, and vigorous. Smaller goats cost less. The Goat has an inner layer of fine wool in their body to protect them from extreme cold. Goats do best with mineral supplements or loose minerals - research mineral blocks. There can be a lot of color, size, and production variation between individuals, but they are adaptable and do well in a variety of settings. Alpine Goat. Additionally, some goat keepers are looking for a breed that can provide some milk, meat, or fiber, but are looking for the best of several breeds. The other name of the breed is Ajmeri goat. Five Popular Dairy Goat Breeds for the Homestead. Boer goats are large animals, with a male can reach up to 300 lbs. They browse like deer. Today, they are still raised for meat, but they also produce milk and provide a system for grass and brush maintenance as well. Goat Breeds of the World 1. The Goat is suitable for both meat and milk. Small goat, with a black head and neck to the girth. Boer, Kalahari Goats from South Africa, Saanen and Toggenburg from Europe. The farmer who has goat farm should have basic knowledge of feeding the goats properly. The first LaManchas were likely descended from imported Spanish Murciana goats from Mexico, as well as Spanish-bred Criollo goats from South America. The following dairy goat breeds are Jamunapari, Beetal, Barbari, Sirohi, Toggenberg, Sannen, Alpine. The goat breed is distributed in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh in India, and Shindu and Punjab province in Pakistan. Knowing the hardiness of the breeds is the key to an easy life with goats and a hard one. This goat breed is from Kerala. These short-eared... Nigerian Dwarf. There are 14 common goat breeds in America: Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Sable, Toggenburg, Nigerian Dwarf, Boer, Myotonic (2 types), Angora, Crossbred and Pygmy. Originating from the French Alps, this is a medium to large sized goat breed that's especially known for... 2. China is the highest producer of Cashmere wool and has more than 123 million goats. They are one of the most popular meat goat breeds for their large size. The distinct characteristics of the Goat are wide-body and heavy mass. Fainting Goat is a meat type American Goat breed. Nigerian dwarf goats are one of the smallest breeds, weighing around 20 pounds. The breed is considered extremely endangered in the present day. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'thevetexpert_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',113,'0','0'])); The Pigmy was a British dwarf goat breed stockily build in 1987. Some popular crossbred dual-purpose goats include: Copyright © 2021 Farmhouse Guide | Wisteria on Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Goat Behavior: Why They Paw, Stomp, Bite, Headbutt…, Pantry Organization Step-by-Step (with Container Ideas), Myotonic (Tennessee Fainting Goat, Wooden Leg, Stiff Leg), Pygmy (African Pygmy Goat, Cameroon Dwarf Goat), A post shared by The River Goat (@the_river_goat), A post shared by Circle 6 Farm and Ranch (@circle6farm), How to Keep a Duck Pond Clean: 10+ Tips and Tricks, TexMaster ™ (Tennessee Meat Goat ™ x Boer). The most popular exotic breeds of goats are Boer, Jamnapari, Barbari, and Beetal which are mainly used for crossbreeding and upgrading of indigenous Khari and Terai breeds of goats. This breed produces up to two pints of milk daily. Nubian goat breeds, first bred in England in the 1920s-1930s, are known for their large and sturdy bodybuilt. Jakhrana. They are not good milk producers like other dairy breeds but milk containing high fat. The Goat was initially kept for showing and zoo animals. Let’s quickly go over some of the most popular and widely farmed breeds of meat goats which you may be interested in. Pygmy goats are more popular as pets than for dairy throughout the world. Feline calicivirus ( FCV ) is a common infectious viral disease that affects cats. If you like the article, please share it with your friends through social media. Most goats produce cashmere as cashmere goats are not a particular breed but a type of goat as there is no such thing as a purebred cashmere goat. Boer goats can weigh up to 300 lbs. The average milk production is 3.5 litter dairy in a location period of around 260 days. They usually have short hair, and males may have beards that are quite pronounced. The other breed is Tennessee Fainting goat, myotonic Goat, nervous Goat, falling Goat, and stiff-legged Goat. The Goat is also called brush goat or scrub goats as they eat brush and other undesirable bushes. These meat breeds put on weight quickly, are well-muscled and have a mild, palatable flavor. Goat remains have been found at archaeological sites in western Asia, such as Jericho, Choga, Mami, Djeitun and Cayonu, which allows domestication of the goats to be dated at between 6000 and 7000 B.C. The Jamnapari breed is distributed to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Srilanka, and Pakistan. There are two types – one with “gopher ears” and the other with “elf” ears. Sirohi Breeds of Livestock - Goat Breeds Goats: (Capra hircus) The goat, along with sheep, were among the earliest domesticated animals. Angora goats thrive in warm dry regions on the open range, and this is why Texas has become one of the biggest Angora producers in the world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The breeds have mainly four categories like meat, fiber, milk, and Goat hides. They arrived in the United States by the early 1900s, and have become a useful dairy goat ever since. The color of the Goat is brown with white patches. Face and muzzle are tapering. This listing is of the most common types of goats found in the US. However, they are a somewhat delicate breed. Some mini goat breeds are Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats. Saanens are the largest dairy goat breeds of Switzerland. They originally came from the Swiss Alps. Saanen goats are a white or cream-colored breed of goat, named for the Saanen valley in Switzerland. Many homeowners who are looking to do a little homesteading in the backyard have included goats in their lives. 4. With a white coat and black skin, they became well adapted to harsh arid climates where the sun is intense and rainfall is unpredictable. An adult male goat ranges between 35-45kgs and female goat weighs 25- 35kgs Barbari breed has the ability to give 1 - 1.5kgs of milk / day. There is a presence of brown spots on the body coat. The breed is well known for producing the finest quality Cashmere wool. The following dairy goat breeds are Jamunapari, Beetal, Barbari, Sirohi, Toggenberg, Sannen, Alpine. Nubian goats weigh can up to 250 lbs. They are medium-sized goats with broad, muscled body and short-medium coat. In some religions, goats are reared for religious purposes. The Alpine goat is a medium to large breed of goat that originates from Switzerland. Thses exotic breeds were of differing build and appearance, but all distinctly different to the British goats with the crossbred offspring showing distinct ‘Nubian’ characteristics. There are many goat breeds available which are native to India, but popular throughout the South Asian countries and some other parts of the world as well. Dairy goats breeds have been selected primarily for productivity in terms of milk quantity and milk – fat percentage, as well as the efficiency of production and age longevity. The term Dermatomycosis is derived from the Greek word... You have entered an incorrect email address! These “large, proud, and graceful” dairy goats have a mixed heritage. The goat body weight is up to 200 pounds (90 Kg). I think this article will help the academician and farm owners. When this happens, they fall over as if they’ve “fainted”. They have short erect ears, and they can come in many colors and varieties. The disease is characterized by... Connemara pony is an excellent show pony or Ireland with a good disposition and behavior. Breeds of Dairy Goats. They are also good milk producers and can produce 800-1000 kg of milk per lactation in 200 days. Alpine Goat originated in the French Alps and can sustain in any climatic conditions. (source). Saanen goats always have white fur and white skin, which makes them ill-suited for extremely hot climates. Domestic goats can be any color and each breed registry generally has breed standards that describe the desired appearance and color for that breed. This gene also makes them heavily muscled, which makes them a popular choice for a meat goat (or to be cross-bred to other breeds to improve muscle growth). You will have a clear knowing of the specific breeds, its purpose, and its distribution. The Goat is producing the most delicate quality goat meat but is a lesser quantity. The breed originates in the Saneental in the Bernes Oberland near Bern of Switzerland. One of the most distinctive and easily-recognizable goat breeds due to … Saanens can produce a lot of milk- up to 3 gallons per day- with an average production closer to 1.5 gallons per day. Raising Spanish Goats. Cashmere is one of the most famous goat breeds in the world. As the name implies, these goats originate from Nigeria. The breed is named after the city of La Mancha, Spain, which is where the earless Murciana breed originally developed. Sable goats may have registered Saanen parents, but the Sable breed itself is distinct. Domestic Goat or Goat is one of the most common farm animals all over the world. Large body goats breeds are the large milk production goats. The goat breeds which were originated from India are called Indian goat breed. Like many of the smallest goat breeds listed here, the Mini Nubian also makes a great pet and is a very friendly animal. The breed was first seen in the US in the 1950s. Boer goats are such a stocky and sturdy goat breed they were once used as pack animals. Assam Hill Goat; Ganjam Goat; Bengal Goat; Goat Feed Management. The fleece of this breed of goat has fiber and guard hair. The Anglo Nubian was well established in Britain prior to the introduction of the Swiss breeds, with goats appearing at … Breeds of Goats. At one time, they were very popular as the primary breed of meat goat, due to natural selection. Some goats produce good quality meat. The goats are primarily used for meat, although they are also kept for milk and make one of the most popular pet breeds. The breed is a dual-purpose goat breed producing both good quality meat and milk. Goats have many benefits: they need less space, less feed, easily adaptable to extreme climate, and mature very early. For instance, about 50% of sheep and 80% of the goats of the world are found in the third world countries. The color of the Goat is mostly white. They can produce.5 – 1.5 gallons of milk a day. These breeds are one of the most popular breeds along with Fainting goats, who are reared and domesticated as pets by people. However, only Angora goats are generally used to commercially produce a goat fiber called mohair, which can be used to make clothing, scarves, rugs, or other goods. This included a source of meat as well, namely in the form of old Iberian goats. The Goat has an inner layer of fine wool in their body to protect them from extreme cold. Goat milk has always been a popular base ingredients in gourmet cheese. The Goat is mainly bred for meat purposes. The Goat is mainly reared for meat and hide. 8. (source). Some are good for milk while other for meat and also there are breeds exclusively for the hide. It is characterized by... Cats are the most popular companion animals of the human being from the history of human civilization. The breeds of goats can be broken down into three categories: Dairy goats; Meat goats "Other" (fiber, duel-purpose, etc). This is especially true when compared to larger goat breeds such as Boer goats. More than 300 goat breeds available in the world. (source). Angora is a smaller size goat breed with excellent fiber commonly known as Mohair. They adapt well to most climates, are fairly easy keepers, and can provide a decent amount of milk or meat to small hobby farms. They were selected for meat rather than milk production; due to selective breeding and improvement, the goat has a fast growth rate, making it one of the most popular breeds of meat goat in the world. Spanish Goat originated in Spain and was introduced in the USA from Spain to Mexico to America. Raising Goats for Profit List of Meat Goat Breeds. While Saanen goats were popular in the US for years due to their high production volume, some breeders decided not to discriminate against non-white coat colors. Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Animals since eons have been used as pets for various reasons. Miniature Goat Breeds. The scientific nomenclature of the Goat is. (source). Goat milk has high demand in the market. Goats: (Capra hircus) The goat, along with sheep, were among the earliest domesticated animals. They have a hereditary disease, Myotonia congenita. The Goat attained maturity very early and bred twice a year. (source), A post shared by Circle 6 Farm and Ranch (@circle6farm) on Jun 4, 2020 at 4:57am PDT, This hardy goat breed was developed in the rugged wilderness of the South African brush. The color of the Goat is white with distinct brown heads. The food management is the main secret of good goat management. Though Nigerian Dwarfs are smaller than other goats, they can still produce an impressive amount of milk on smaller farms and with less food than other breeds. The Goat participated in different goat shows and competitions. Grassroots; Aims; History of the British Goat Society Next to chickens, goats are the most common animal added to a small or urban homestead. The Goat is small, short-legged, mostly black, and compact body. Some goats do not tolerate wet weather at all whereas some do just fine in the damp. The other name of the breed is Shamee, Aleppo, Damascene goat. They originally arrived in the United States as exotic animals and were exhibited in zoos. Below is a Guide to the Two Most Popular Mini Breeds in … They are hardy and robust goat breeds with adaptability to any environment. Some of the more popular goat breeds for meat are: 1. While the demand for goat meat is on the rise in the United States, it is still something of a niche market (and much of our goat meat is imported from other countries). They are smaller in stature than other goats which can make them easier to handle – and they’re also completely adorable! Aside from being used as dairy goats, they are often suited as pack animals as well. Goats help humankind by providing meat for a living, milk for nutrition, and hides for clothes. Bagot Goat. Goats are one of the most popular domestic animals throughout the world. Myotonic goats possess a recessive gene that causes their muscles to stiffen when startled. Boer goats have a long breeding season allowing for three kiddings in … These goats are used for a drought to carry small loads. Swiss Chamoisee or American Alpine is the breed next popular to Saanen among dairy goats. Dairy goat manure can be utilized for home-grown crops or any green forage crops. The Alpine is a great dairy goat breed with an average daily production of around 1-2 gallons of milk. These goats typically grow to half the size of a regular goat. Boer goats are very hardy and resistant to diseases and they also grow very fast. These meat breeds put on weight quickly, are well-muscled and have a mild, palatable flavor. 3. Boer is one of the most famous goat breeds of the world due to its excellent capability of producing the most delicate quality goat meat. Goats, for instance, have been domesticated and reared by individuals for the purpose of meat, milk, and skin. There are several types of goat varieties. 10 Most Popular Goat Breeds Alpine Goat. TOP 10 GOAT BREEDS FOR FIBER PRODUCTION. Type of Fiber they produce: Mohair Angora goats produce a valuable fiber called mohair. The breed was developed from African Dwarf goats of West Africa and Southern Sudan goats. They have the ability to provide you with milk, meat and … Nubian Goats The total population of the breed is more than 3 million and mostly in Rajasthan. Best Goat Breeds in India Jamunapari Goat. (1982) has given the world population of sheep as 1,130.8 million while … The breed was first brought to the United States of America in 1880. Barbari goat breeds are grown primarily for milk & meat purpose. 2. Goats are also reared for companion animals and showing purpose. Here we are shortly describing about top 10 dairy goat breeds. The Alpine goat is a … Domesticated goats didn’t reach the Americas until the 1400s, but they quickly became useful farm animals for the early settlers and indigenous people. The Goat also is known as American LaMancha or Lamancha. Alpine goat breeds can easily be found all across US. The states with the highest number of dairy goat ranches include: Wisconsin, New York, and Pennsylvania. Originally from the Alps mountains of Switzerland... LaMancha (American Lamancha, Lamancha). They are adaptable to almost any climate. They began breeding colored Saanen goats, and the Sable breed was born. Boer goats were introduced to the U.S. in 1993. The Goat can produce two gallons (8 liters) of milk a day. Goat is one of the most popular animals for milk and meat production. In recent years, indigenous breeds of goats are preferred less by the commercial goat entrepreneurs. Due to this, raising them domestically is trouble-free. Angoras are shorn twice a year, and can produce around 5 pounds of mohair each time. The Pigmy was a British dwarf goat breed stockily build in 1987. Alpine Goat. Nubian goat breeds, first bred in England in the 1920s-1930s, are known for their large and sturdy bodybuilt. Malabari goats show early maturity and conceive in 8 to 10 months. (source). (source). The Black Bengal goat is producing the most delicate quality goat meat. The males have long beards, and both genders have long, curved horns. They are generally black, tan, white, brown, and heavily spotted on white. Meat Goat Breeds:This type of goats become highly meat productive. Mature bucks weigh up to 90 kgs. The wool is collected by combing rather than shearing. Tennessee fainting goats are, in fact, from Tennessee and are also called myotonic goats, nervous goats, wooden goats, or stiff leg goats. They are a... Saanen Goat. They respond very well in specific breeding, feeding, and management conditions.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'thevetexpert_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_9',123,'0','0'])); Toggenburg goat is a very high milk-producing breed that originated in Toggenburg Valley in Northeast Switzerland. Fainting Goat is a meat type American Goat breed. They have long-curved horns, distinct color variations like back in forequarters and white in the hindquarters. American LaManchas are well-known for producing a high volume of milk with a high butterfat percentage. Posted on Last updated: November 24, 2020 By: Author April Lee. The Goat’s average height is 85 cm; they can adapt themself to any extreme weather condition. The Pygmy makes a friendly, intelligent and gregarious pet. Like with all goats, both female and male Angora goats have horns, but more farmers opt to keep them intact. Black Bengal goat is a native goat breed of Bangladesh. Because of this, they are often found on commercial dairy goat farms, and are popular with backyard hobbyists as well. They are large-sized goats, tall & leggy, with convex face line and large folded pendulous ears. They are well adapted for a variety of climates and harsh conditions, and can be managed well with little interference or supplemental feed. Alpine goats are the only breed with erect ears that comes in any color – although all-white and Toggenburg patterned goats are faulted at shows by the ADGA. Saanen, Toggenburg, Barbari, Jamunapari etc. With over 210 breeds of goats in the world, this guide will help you to make the best decision for your... Best Goats for Meat. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thevetexpert_com-box-4','ezslot_7',115,'0','0'])); Alpine is the highest milk producing goat breeds in the world. The Goat is larger in size and body weight up to 120 kg in males and 95 kg in females. The Boer goat, introduced to Canada in the 1990s, is a breed developed specifically for meat production. Boers are also docile and easy to handle, which makes them a popular choice for commercial herds. The Guernsey or Golden Guernsey’s are goats that were imported from the United Kingdom. They can begin lactating at the age of 2.5, and can produce well over 4800 pounds of milk (although the average is still an impressive 2700 pounds). (source), These popular little goats were originally bred in the US for showing and used as companion animals. However, there are a few goat breeds that are raised for meat purposes in the US, and they continue to be developed and improved to suit consumer needs. About Us. Spanish An adult male goat weighs 65kgs to 80kgs and female weighs between 45kgs to 60kgs. They were imported to the US in the 30s and became popular choices for meat due to their large size and rapid growth rate. The Goat has resembled the largest dairy goats. Read Also: 18 Most Common Cattle Diseases: You Must Know As A Farm Ownereval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thevetexpert_com-leader-2','ezslot_16',121,'0','0'])); Bagot is a small, semi-wild goat breed of England. The most popular breeds are considered. These large dairy goats from Switzerland are popular all over the world – they’re found in nearly 80 countries! They produce a large volume of milk with a relatively low fat content, and they are generally docile and easy to work with. Goats have many benefits: they need less space, less feed, easily adaptable to extreme climate, and mature very early. The breed has ancestors of the African Nubian goat breed. They were some of the first dairy goats introduced to the United States, and they are generally fairly docile and easy to handle. The breed was found in China, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Australia, and New Zealand. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thevetexpert_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_15',122,'0','0'])); Beetal goat breed is commonly found in Punjab, India. There are some goat breeds available which are good for fiber production. The breed was developed from... 2. The other breed is Tennessee Fainting goat, myotonic Goat, nervous Goat, falling Goat, and stiff-legged Goat. Known for their roman nose and long,floppy ears, Nubian goat breeds are vocal dairy goats that come in any color or pattern. Goat Breeds | How to Choose the Best One Goat Breeds. Smaller sized goat breeds are called mini or dwarf goat breeds. Milk yield: 1565 pounds; Lactation days: 278/year; Fat content: High; Swiss Chamoisee or American Alpine is the breed next popular to Saanen among dairy goats. Dairy goats have high reproductive rate and their gestation period is only 5 to 6 months. These types of breeds have very good reproductive capabilities. Boer goats are probably the most popular breed of meat goat in the U.S. Nubian goats have short hair and long “pendulous” ears, which means their ears hang low and swing freely (like a pair of pendulums). You’ll find that this breed is typically kept on urban farms, as they don’t need a lot of space for grazing or child-rearing. China is the highest producer of Cashmere wool and has more than 123 million goats.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thevetexpert_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',116,'0','0'])); Nubian or Anglo-Nubian is a British goat breed developed by crossbreeding of local British Goat and goats from India, North Africa, and the Middle East. Top 10 Best Dairy Goat Breeds Guernsey Goat. When Conquistadors first arrived in the Americas, they brought their livestock with them. The article discusses the choice of goats - dairy, meat, wool. The Goat was brought to the USA from France and Switzerland and made more uniform. However, Toggenburgers have specific white markings on the sides of the face, legs, and muzzle in a “Toggenburg pattern.” They may not be tri-colored or piebald, but this only applies to registration and dairy goat shows. The meat goat market has a ton of demand and not enough goats to fill that demand. The goat found more than 5000 years ago in Iceland and one of the oldest goat breeds in the world. Boer goats actually originated from South Africa in the early 1900s. However, smaller versions of the Myotonic goat are often bred as pets. There are a variety of Myotonic breeds (Tennessee fainting goats are popular) and they vary heavily in their physical characteristics. 7. are highly milk productive breeds of goats. They’re designed to have the heavy muscling that comes with the Myotonic genes, but also thrive in a commercial meat raising setting. 18 Most Common Cattle Diseases: You Must Know As A Farm Owner, Parakeets Pet Bird: 13 Most Important Information for Bird Owner, Downers Cow Syndrome: Most Important Information For Farm Owner, Redwater Disease in cattle: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Foot and Mouth Disease in Cattle: Most Important Information For You, Foot rot in Sheep: Most Important Information for Farm Owners, Ringworm in Cattle: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Control, Pneumonia in Cats: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention, Feline Calicivirus Infection: Most Important Information You Need To Know, Connemara Pony: 12 Most Important Information for Horse Lover, Feline Infectious Peritonitis: Most Important Information for Cat Owner, Avian Influenza: An Emerging Poultry Disease You Should Know, 12 Most Common Pet Cat Diseases That You Must Know, 10 Big Horses of the World Reviewed For Horse Lover, 15 Most Common Hypoallergenic Cats Breeds Reviewed For You, 15 Most Common Horse Hoof Diseases: You Must Know As Horse Caregiver, 15 Most Common Types of Dogs You Should Know As A Dog Lover, New Forest Pony: A Wonderful Horse Breed Best For Your Kids, Top 10 Reasons Why House Birds Could be the Best Choice for a Family, Fjord Horse: Most Important Information for Horse Lover. A small herd of both breeds of miniature goats were kept at the Gladys Porter Zoo near Brownsville, Texas after surviving the journey. (source). Angoras also require more nutritious feed in order to produce quality mohair. Packers have said that Oberhasli goats are bolder on the trail than other breeds, and they tend to be less afraid of water or other obstacles. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) there are more than 373,000 dairy goats in the United States. They can be susceptible to parasites as well as cold, wet, or extremely humid conditions. These are the most popular meat goats in the U.S. Boers are so popular because they gain weight easily, have good conformation, high fertility and have a meaty carcass. But all of those goat breeds are not suitable for goat farming business. Fainting Goats. Each goat needs about two to four pounds of hay per day. Some of these breeds are dairy goats, and other adorable baby goats featured are meat breeds. Originating in South Africa, Boer goats have become one of the most popular meat goat breeds in the United States. Dairy goats are bred to produce hundreds of pounds of milk per each lactation period, which is why these specific breeds are often used on commercial dairy goat farms. These Swiss goats are “sturdy, vigorous, and alert.” They are the smallest of the “standard-sized” dairy goat breeds and may come in any color. Tennessee Meat Goats ™ and TexMasters™ are specific crossbreeds of Myotonic goats that were developed in Texas in the 1990s. This Swiss goat is known for its friendly disposition and calm demeanor. These goats were first originated in the Alps and are also commonly known as “French Alpine.” These goat breeds range for medium to large size and adapt to their environment very easily. The breed is dual purpose and reared for both meat and milk. They are often used on commercial dairy goat farms, and they are the largest of the Swiss goat breeds. There are several popular breeds of goats that make for quality meat goats. Interested in learning more about dairy goat breeds? However, just like cats and dogs, there are different breeds of goats. Nubians are the most popular breed of dairy goat in the U.S. The Goat is recognized as dairy goats and can produce milk for up to two years without freshening. Pygmy goats weigh between 53 and 86 pounds. Boer – Originating in South Africa, these white with reddish brown goats are the most popular goat for meat in the United States.

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