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The micro-documentary produced by TED features the interview of CEO, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited, Osman Khalid Waheed. The aim of the video is to highlight Gilead and Ferozsons efforts in Pakistan. Limited. Contact US: +92 51 8738362-5; EMAIL: [email protected]; ADDRESS: ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN Our organization was formed in 1983 with a commitment to provide and develop innovative natural remedies of the highest quality to our valuable customer base …Read more Featured model: Charlize Theron Featured model: Charlize Theron Featured model: Charlize Theron This is the second time that Pakistan is in focus on a global scale by Gilead and the first in an external partnership with the exemplary TED. It is a passion, a desire to grow, serve and excel. Herbion International is a dynamic global business that focuses on inventive research to produce herbal and therapeutic solutions. Its success story is carved by untiring hard work, dedication and adherence of … According to their growth rate, here are the Top ten Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan: GSK – 32,388 million As a top nutritional supplement, Herbal Supplement, Vitamin & Minerals and Pharmaceuticals manufacturer, we are one of the only full-service health supplement facilities, offering everything from product manufacturing to product testing, packaging, labeling, and distribution. Legends Pharma-Pakistan, +92 300 8627 520 Welcome to ... is one of the leading and most inveterate health care company committed to marketing innovative medicines, to prevent and cure diseases and to augment the quality of life. RAS is proud of its growth and quality pharmaceuticals, and is committed to sustainability in poultry production of Pakistan and all over the world. GENESIS-The Evolution of Innovative Pharmaceuticals We, Genesis Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd., are a Pharmaceutical Company operating since 1994 by the marketing of … It is a knowledge based industry. The Drug Regulatory Authority also forecasted that the market will be valued at PKR 311 billion (equals to $2.9 billion) in 2020. Kurative Group of Companies is not only a name or a company. It’s going through a transition phase of modernization to cater local Pharmaceutical requirements and to access more regulated market like Europe and USA. Trends Pharmaceuticals stands among the best Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Pakistan. RAS is ambitious to create development in the field of poultry and livestock through better communication, consistency, innovation, improvement and reliability. Pakistan Pharma Industry is very vibrant and dynamic comprising more than 700 units. Pharma exports of Pakistan crossed US$ 230 million with the potential to expand up to US$ 2 billion. It is a medium sized, well designed and immaculately maintained pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.situated at SITE Karachi-Pakistan … Bio-Labs is an innovative healthcare company expert in manufacturing and quality control of high-end pharmaceutical products. 8- Hilton Pharma Ltd: Hilton Pharma is a member of the innovative group of corporations. The Ray Pharma plant was taken over by the renowned “Rahimtoola Group of Companies” in January 2007 from Organon PakistanRay Pharma (Pvt.)

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