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Language Person's guide to bird name pronunciations, Part 1 and Part 2" in the newsletter of the San Diego Field Ornithologists. It was passed around a bit (with my permission), and then was also published in two parts with some slight modifications as "Dr. Great potoos usually weigh around 12 – 23 ounces (340 … Information and translations of Potoo in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. northern potoo ( … Define potoo. Nyctibiidae synonyms, Nyctibiidae pronunciation, Nyctibiidae translation, English dictionary definition of Nyctibiidae. The great potoo measures around 18 – 23 inches (45.7-58.4 cm) tall. What does Potoo mean? 4. Meaning of Potoo. Found in tropical America, it mimics a dead branch when alarmed. Define the picture definition. This makes it both the largest in the potoo species and the largest in their entire genus. Translate Potoo bird. potoo translation and audio pronunciation Genus Nyctibius and family Nyctibiidae: five species, in particular the common potoo (N. griseus) ‘That night trip also yielded a highland tinamou, two Virginia opossums and - after half an hour spent staring at a yellow eye in a distant tree - what turned out to be a potoo.’ This article was first "published" in an electronic newsletter "The Cup" in October 1996. How to use potoo in a sentence. A nocturnal, insectivorous bird resembling a large nightjar. potoo (plural potoos) ( birds ) Any species of the genus Nyctibius related to the nightjars (same order Caprimulgiformes ), and found from southern Mexico to southern Brazil. Genus Nyctibius and family Nyctibiidae: five species, in particular the common potoo (N. griseus) Definition of Potoo in the Definitions.net dictionary. potoo synonyms, potoo pronunciation, potoo translation, English dictionary definition of potoo. Potoo definition: any of several nocturnal tropical American birds of the genus Nyctibius | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples how to pronounce potoo Published by on December 16, 2020. Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce potoo in English with native pronunciation. The great potoo (Nyctibius grandis) is a near passerine bird, both the largest potoo species and the largest member of the order Caprimulgiformes (nightjars and allies). How much does a great potoo weigh? Potoo definition is - any of a family (Nyctibiidae) of large, nocturnal, solitary birds that are native to tropical Central and South America and the West Indies, are related to the nightjars, and have variably-patterned gray, brown, and black plumage. They are also one of seven species in one genus, Nyctibius, located in tropical America.

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