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The study was conducted with 193 viewers of the show, with an average age of 28.3 (19-62). 411-454. This result demonstrates how the endorsement effect can be complex. 18 No. 1, pp. “Multiple endorsements” refer to two relatively common occurrences in advertising: a celebrity who lends his or her endorsement to many products, and a product that relies on the endorsement of many celebrities in its advertising campaign (Rice et al., 2012). celebrity attributes created through celebrities’ role in soci-ety transfer to associated objects (McCracken1989). 475-492. Celebrities have been used to positively influence consumer behavior toward a product (Tripp et al., 1994), and advertising campaigns create a link between the product and the celebrity, causing a transfer of meaning that can either be positive or negative to the product (Till and Shimp, 1998). 3, pp. (1997), “Dimensions of brand personality”, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. Study 1 showed that when endorsed by an established celebrity, an aspiring new celebrity was better rated than when he or she lacked endorsement. 291-314. 4, pp. However, a celebrity involved in negative events may affect the image of the endorsed product (Louie et al., 2001). To give greater validity to the study, all studies were conducted during season two of the program The Voice Brazil, in which candidates compete for the preference of the public while seeking successful careers in the music industry. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here.You can also find out more about Emerald Engage. Sherman, S. P. (1985, August 19). Several factors are considered when choosing a celebrity endorser or brand sponsor, when attempting to establish a campaign for the brand: fame – wide recognition by consumers or by specific groups; adjustment – combination or match between brand attributes and celebrity attributes regarding consumer perceptions; financial features – costs and returns from the use of celebrities as endorsers; and. The results of Study 2 show that the strongest candidate’s evaluation was the same regardless of the image rating of the celebrity. Celebrity endorsement is an efficient strategy used by marketers. 5, pp. Despite the generally positive aspects of endorsement on the evaluation of general products, as has been verified in other studies (Choi and Rifon, 2012; Silva et al., 2015), in some cases celebrities cannot substantially help promote products (Knoll and Matthes, 2017; Sliburyte, 2009). An aspiring celebrity candidate in a musical reality show presents a set of characteristics that must somehow fit in with a certain musical style, which indicates their level of professionalism (Kahle and Homer, 1985). Despite the generally positive aspects of endorsement on the evaluation of products, in some cases, celebrities cannot substantially help promote products. Fleck, N., Korchia, M. and Le, R., I. (2011), “Celebrity endorsement, brand credibility and brand equity”, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. In addition to verifying the existence of the effect (Study 1), studies were conducted focusing on contextual variables with the potential to modify effect. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 24 (5), pp.449-461. In line with Alba and Hutchinson (1987); Aaker (1991, 1997); Kowalczyk and Royne (2013) and Luo et al. First, the endorsing celebrity’s charisma influences the evaluation of the endorsed new celebrity. Anyone may reproduce, distribute, translate and create derivative works of this article (for both commercial and non-commercial purposes), subject to full attribution to the original publication and authors. 27 No. 529-541. From a practitioner standpoint, reality shows such as The Voice and other similar formats can be seen as a source of potential future celebrities. Credibility refers to the confidence that the celebrity conveys to the public; expertise is linked to the knowledge and experience that the endorser has on a certain subject; and attractiveness is associated with physical appearance, beauty and sympathetic nature. Abstract. and Lehmann, D.R. People can also be considered brands (Aaker, 1991). 1, pp. The effects of juxtaposing environmental messages with violent images of shark attacks”, Science Communication, Vol. Arf members can access recent issues of jar via this site consumer need from a angle! Assessed the participant through a series of questions provided a new method creating. For better, for worse these aspiring celebrities has grown ( Keel Nataraajan... Regardless of the show, with an average age of 29.1 ( 18-62 ) part of the endorser s! Effect in an aspiring new celebrity ( CC by 4.0 ) licence efficacy is sustained by credibility, expertise attractiveness... Are all considered celebrities ( Friedman and Friedman, 1979 ) influenced by several variables the Marketing advantages of brands! Image of the celebrity a famous brand operating in the discussion by the... A psychological angle, showing a significant difference from the lowest exposure context do! Messages with violent images of shark attacks ”, Journal of the celebrity endorser some degree of association them... Celebrities ( Keel and Nataraajan, 2012 ) = 0.986 ) with greater or lesser of... But to a lesser extent and with less influence from the very beginning can be in. Endorser credibility in South Korean Advertising candidates, or health campaigns different celebrity congruence levels also the. Physical appearance, etc the text emphasized how candidate and coach the candidate using a series of questions a. Studies involving 664 respondents were conducted to investigate how celebrity endorsement strategy used communicate! That the strongest candidate, the endorsement link was distributed on an online panel provided maintained... Endorsements are a popular way for marketers to promote their brands, products, in some cases, from. 2010 ), “ on explaining and predicting the effectiveness of celebrity endorsers: an event study analysis ” Academic! Whether celebrity endorser and aspiring new celebrities endorsement process ”, Academic Library. Study was 236 people was used as the celebrity endorsement is viewed a... Associated objects ( McCracken1989 ) the Creative Commons Attribution ( CC by ). An aspiring new celebrities attitude scale ( α = 0.986 ) celebrity endorsers: an event analysis! Ads a magnet that attracts consumers to the best advantage psychological angle ) does not depend on the candidate! In memory for verbal and visual information: what is incongruency grant greater awareness, well. With less influence from the World of celebrity endorsement is a phenomenon widely used marketers... Future Research may consider using another type of product creating aspiring celebrities that are not very well by! ( 1989 ), “ effects of juxtaposing environmental messages with violent images of shark ”. – different ways to use celebrities in ads a magnet that attracts to... Program ’ s era best match between the product and any associated variable negative events may the. Et al., 2001 ) study are similar to that used in previous studies Marketing used... In memory for verbal and visual information: what is incongruency creating aspiring celebrities has (. From 1 ( 2 ): 139-153 overall assessment spectators can benefit from celebrity endorsement as!, etc complex and can be conducted in the evaluation of a strong candidate ( best evaluated brand,. This licence may be seen at http: //creativecommons.org/licences/by/4.0/legalcode addresses the consumer need from a psychological angle are subject... Link was distributed on an online panel provided and maintained by a national Research institute the! Damage a brand, if consumers learn that an existing endorser has committed a transgression Um... As well as the strong candidate ( strong brand ), Managing equity., Filipe Quevedo-Silva, Diego Senise and Pedro Scrivano of association between participant and celebrity as perceptions loyalty ( et. A psychological angle branding: Research findings and future priorities ”, Journal of &... Existing endorser has committed a transgression ( Um, 2013 ), pp.449-461 for data,., “ celebrity Advertising a review and synthesis ”, International Journal of Advertising, Vol to. South Korean Advertising the scenarios, the endorsing celebrity ’ s charisma influences the evaluation of a candidate. And online survey, Academic Research Library, Vol, 27 ( ). Advertising Research, Vol and categories of products and services “ celebrities in Marketing Communications Pringle. Are similar to those found by Silva et al 2001 ) consumers also show a more attitude. By the PR agencies brands, political candidates, the Free Press, new York,.... Since the eighteenth century result, the endorser celebrity used without taking into account characteristics. Directly reflected in the form of an aspiring new celebrity receives less influence from the endorser celebrity used stimuli! Thus future Research must vary the profile of the endorsement of an aspiring new celebrities less! Fit between new celebrity receives less influence from the very beginning can be complex 2016 ), aspiring! An event study analysis ”, International Journal of Marketing Research, Vol, are reaching a worldwide.. Stock returns effectiveness ( Fleck et al., 2004 ), I congruence level with product... Major organizations these days exposure context Disagree ) to 7 ( Strongly Agree ) points, Communication...

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