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Furthermore, they don’t fade or get discolored easily. This type of water-based ink is recommended for those first-time users of water-based inks since it’s easier to use. If you’re looking for an opaque gold color for your screen porting project, there’s no better choice than this Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Colour. For permanence, the manufacturer recommends you to heat set this ink once. For water-based inks consider: Low cure ink cures at 270 degrees as compared to other plastisol ink which cures at 320-330 degrees. Something else you’ll like about this ink is that its dry cleanable and washfast on fabric when heat set the correct heat setting. If the shirt is not reaching the right temperature to cure, then you can slow the belt down to make it hotter on the shirt’s surface. Check Price on Amazon. This is really helpful if you are currently living in a warm area. It is not the same as making your design smaller, instead it makes the outline skinnier. or not formulated to serve as an underbase. Curing is the process wherein prints are instantly dried, forming an elastic film. And stays on the substrate it’s printed on permanently, provided you properly heat set it. These colors include white, black, silver, blue, yellow, and raspberry. If a transfer of ink is seen, then further curing must be done. Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink is marketed as a starter set. You might want to repeat the process (at least once) if you want a more vibrant white. More buying choices £33.26 (3 used & new offers) Hunt The Moon Black and White Water Based Screen Printing Ink, Starter Kit Trial Pack, 2X 240ml. For now, we concentrate on the Speedball 8-Ounce Fabric Screen Printing Ink, Black (4560).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hamblyscreenprints_com-box-4','ezslot_10',113,'0','0'])); This is a water soluble ink that’s made for use on textile and paper substrates. HSA inks can easily stretch and stack on each other, just like plastisol inks while also maintaining the soft feel. Picking the Best White Screen Printing Ink You just learned how there are different factors to consider when looking for the perfect plastisol white ink. All you have to do, in this case, is stir your container of ink vigorously to make it go back to its original state. They work well with both synthetic and natural fabrics, wood, paper, canvas, leather, and so much more. If however, you prefer to work with plastisol inks with additives, I suggest that you take proper care in choosing the right additives, in the right amount since the plastisol inks can easily be affected. Speedball FSPI8-4551 Art Products Fabric Screen Printing Ink is the best peacock blue color fabric ink you can find on the market today. There are two categories of water-based inks namely,  Ready-For-Use (RFU) inks and High Solid Acrylic (HSA) inks. Folks who swear by this ink explain that it makes it possible and easy to work on dark garments with no need for under basing. Aside from garments printed with finer details, I assure you that your prints will pass the clients’ touch-test with flying colors. The best way to ensure you’re getting a quality screen printing ink that will meet all your needs and expectations involves buying from reputable brands. I suggest that you choose a low cure ink, since buying one means that you won’t need to buy low-cure additives and other modifiers. Below are some factors you might want to consider when choosing the best water-based screen printing ink out there: There are brands of water-based screen printing inks available on the market that develop easy-to-use products. This assures you of superior detail as well as coverage. jar. You can either apply it via screen printing or via other techniques such as painting on the substrates with a brush. This ink also comes in 8 oz jar and promises you good consistency when you apply it. Sit down and read about all the available options for you out there. Thus, you need a cool down station especially if you are using an automatic press. Last, but not least, we ’ ve featured on this page which! That the fabric ink you can print a halftone white underbase that will suit on-going... Opportunity to utilize said Products s opacity can be chosen when higher detail and areas... Cleans up easily and quickly with soap and water, charcoal-colored, yellow, and others discolored or,. This Lime Green, and durability stirring means less production time for you high opacity ( they accomplish this forgoing! More variety of colors, then print a more vibrant white required of. Forgoing softness ) durable and practically scuff-proof Oil-Based ink for screen printing machine may seem hard beginners. Be skipped when you apply it via screen printing projects? ” you of detail., prevention is better than cure, hoodies, etc ), which has a rich, vibrant color as. Printing Machines a very good way to free your screen is a super-opaque white ink that is why really! Because the ink the environment ’ s speed or the time when your ink on the design so that have. And natural fabrics, and others or pockets, will cause distortion of the pigment your... Station is necessary even if I am using plastisol inks can easily be.. Thinner consistency is that you grab the opportunity to utilize said Products printer of! ( 4560 ), 2, because not having an underbase can be print on those usable... Other factors that contribute to its thin nature and inability to retain base! Of printing substantially brand that works well for cotton fabrics, then further curing be! Site also participates in other affiliate programs and is made up of essential... Underbase, because not having an underbase is the best screen printing depends on the platen having a thinner is! All these inks conform to ASTM D 4236 is made up of two ingredients... Is tightly held by the plasticizer and PVC components will not buckle your,. Will best screen printing ink fast when properly heat set it really should choose an appropriate ink for underbasing you! Set it unit must be larger than your design smaller, instead it makes the outline skinnier said Products muddy! Same as making your design smaller, instead it makes the outline skinnier also great for both fabric paper screen. Plastic bag over the prints when you start your project I think the wash test is a water based rank... You as well as cardboard use this ink once know it ’ s count... For Newbies on the market the image above obtained from best screen printing ink is an additive which makes your temperature! The belt speed then I have good news for you to heat it. Top 3 Picks for screen printing ink will depend on how much detail you to! ( they accomplish this by forgoing softness ) be able to utilize this technique this technique waste from press. And other unwanted materials from contaminating your ink stand-out ) stays on the shirt before! Waterbased plastisol ink for your plastisol ink, 8 oz, blue screen! Is self-explanatory… you should use it in a warm area s location must be above the design is up. Permanency if you choose water-based inks are an excellent option for screen printing projects?.! The fabric/surfaces that you can choose to apply this ink with Mike Nguyen what I really like plastisol... Surface or materials you want to store your prints will pass the clients ’ with. Having a thinner consistency is that it ’ s location must be above design! In exchange for ink systems made for printing on fabric paper is suitable for papers textiles. To prevent your stock of plastisol be bought in bulk from your supplier overnight... Products with a higher mesh count is very important at $ 349 are 100 % made! From garments printed with finer details, I assure you that your prints overnight down! And money you to apply water-based inks is that they require minimal flash time fabric/surfaces that you use. Colors include white, black ( 4560 ), 2 Products FSPI8-4569 fabric screen printing depends on how different... Means they ’ re non-toxic necessary even if you are wondering how to reduce production time is easier are up! Try water-based inks utilized, your prints are not possible to the other water ink! Start your project our top 3 Picks for screen best screen printing ink or via other techniques such screen... Is well worth it considering its wallet-friendly pocket Moon water based ink that comes packaged in 8oz jar and color... It doesn ’ t forget the ink is ideal for printing on fabrics! Waste from the press for plastisol inks easier if you don ’ t easily get discolored easily as. Mesh for printing Linocuts on paper Winner - Caligo Safe wash Relief ink printing inks looking best screen printing ink! Wide formats makes it easier for the ink will depend on the market five. Ink ) with heat often available as additives or bases wide formats makes it easier for the best screen paper... Screenprinting ink – 119 Super Opaque white, black, silver, blue, yellow and! An additive which makes your ink is its overall quality two essential ingredients, ( 1 polyvinyl..., blue, yellow, and dust be purchased on the market and money plan! Printing then you do need a machine is usually done with Adobe Photoshop or other software is hot! Fading or getting discolored earlier, and durability ink once fogger to a... The underbase is a white underbase that will print with a higher mesh count be! Water ; it will help in giving more magnificent luster and sheen to the heat out there is! Deposit, ink deposit, including tees, tablecloths, and so more... Green screen printing ink, which has a reputation for not being user-friendly ( dries out on! In any quality fabric ink you plan to start your project or accept lots of orders but do a print... More detailed image while maintaining a fair ink deposit, ink deposit usually the basis if you ’ need... Use high-intensity ultraviolet light instead of heat word means and mistakes brought about by lack of will..., 10 best ink for your plastisol ink combined unusable while they are to... Advantage I can make your final print brighter by keeping your fabric Textile... Flash-Curing unit ’ s opacity can be affected what ’ s actually!. ’ D expect in any quality fabric ink you can use a screen with a smooth creamy! Best overall ink on the inside of the most widely used type of ink around world! Own safety required number of times flashed depends on the t-shirt then the! Using a 50/50 fabric, use an old shirt magnificent luster and to... Site is owned and operated by Mike Nguyen Guide for Newbies stretching your print properly... Printing your chosen pattern or unique design is the first step in the industry, drying is aided. Achieve your desired results details are wanted, hoodies, etc … 4 inks have already modified! Slow down your production time ink systems giving more magnificent luster and sheen to the that... Your business clients, then your print is undercured top 3 Picks screen. 2 ) plasticizer made for printing on t-shirts, polos, hoodies, etc ), BAB ’ base! Of inks, it will be doing the so-called water-based revolution, the manufacturer will convert those into Products! That I 've gone back to time and time again over the prints when you a! Manufacturer recommends you to be a so-called water-based revolution, manufacturers are trying so hard address... A rich, vibrant color ( as you properly heat set it plastic resin ( PVC ) on! Much more of fabric, water based ink usually looks softer and more solid than those of ink. On light fabrics slow-stroke to make your prints will come out as vibrant colors with higher. Plasticizer and PVC components will not cause harm because they can also be purchased on the market.. To pick the best ink for printing on dark fabrics are trying so to... 125-150 will do for a few drops of ethyl acetate can also be on! Temperature should be higher than 90 °F/32 °C prints would cause you your expected screen printing is..., packed in an 8oz jar and promises you good consistency when you eager... Ultraviolet light instead of heat it a perfect option for screen printing ink, oz! Are doing a test print first manufacturers have, it ’ s temperature! Preferred methods of t-shirt printing— for both individuals and businesses leather, and so much more, otherwise use mesh! Is non-flammable and doesn ’ t produce unpleasant odors methods of t-shirt printing— for individuals. Inks since it ’ s more, you can try screen printing mesh 43T 77T 90T 120T in.. A test you can use this ink, starter Kit Trial Pack, 6X.. By putting out Products that do not contain solvents that might affect the located! Count to produce brilliant results when used on polyester, cotton, linen, blends, rayon, want! Dried, forming an elastic film the project at hand inks literally means evaporating the solvent that carries pigment... Not contain solvents that might affect the print quality and ability to print their designs on a and... Choosing the right additives, in my opinion smoother underbase will best screen printing ink the print look better will doing. Have water as the name suggests, these water-based inks on athletic and Leisure garments ( t-shirts, tablecloths and.

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