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I'll definitely need to check out more of his stuff. The two male characters we see in the film are curious prototypes, the one is the angry artist throwing a temper tantrum because his agent won't lend him money, the other is the mature love interest, the stockbroker in the white horse come to sweep the young French girl off her feet.Of course it doesn't quite work this way, and it neither does for the movie. What to Watch Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts. Now strangers sharing a one-bedroom apartment, they discover a shared love of dance that may help them overcome the distance between them. Give this film the attention it deserves and you'll be glad you did. The camera-work is beautiful, it's the slow sensual gliding that feels like choreography for a ballet ensemble or maybe like someone's hand slipping under the hem of a skirt, but I find the points of interest it brings together and the suggestions that emerge in this linking (in Jost's cinema as a whole or at least based on what I've seen) superficial and labored. This literary, in many respects experimental film examines the parallels between the art world and the business world, through the relationship between an actress and a stockbroker who meet in the Vermeer Room of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The climax is supposed to be tragic, but is uncalled for and practically comic for unexpected, improbable and clearly just a way to finish a picture that threatened to be eternal. Superb movie. It moves between Hal Hartley, Michelangelo Antonioni and Eric Rohmer. - Also contains an unforgettable scene atop one of the now defunct Twin Towers. Her candidate for a father is her best friend Phillipe who happens ... See full summary ». Overall, this is an interesting film to look forward to for arthouse fans, but personally my expectations were well surpassed. A beautiful but abstract film which seems geared towards film connoisseurs. In the end there is not even God to help us make sense of the dissolute lives we lead. The beautiful Ana, in spite of herself, becomes an exterminating angel for the man who thinks is in love with her. He finds it curled up in a dark corner of the museum, panting and naked, and he brings it kicking and screaming to the light. Our female protagonist begins narrating "the point of the movie" and Jost is literally speaking through her, hammering home an indifferent point in outrageous explanatory fashion, like all the subtlety of nuance that came before were but tools of their own destruction, so that we have 98% of a movie that is too vague and transparent and 2% that is anti-tank steel 5 inches thick. The story of a young Gerd, played by Liv Ullmann in her first leading role, who falls in love with a young boy. The single-sided poster has never been folded and measures 27" x 40". No words. The story of a young woman who is in search for her lost hopes. Itt a film eredeti nyelvű előzeteseit nézheted meg, kattints a képre és máris indul All the Vermeers in New York előzetese. This film is visually very rich but the story and characters are fairly vaguely drawn. Soon we move to an art gallery setting, a young man in a leather jacket arguing angrily with a dealer who is trying to sell his work -- will he be the protagonist? With Emmanuelle Chaulet, Stephen Lack, Katie Garner, Grace Phillips. This FAQ is empty. The slowest, emptiest and most boring picture I remember. or questions like "what is going on?" | Jost seems content to concentrate on the surface and patterns of the lives which he is examining. Awards Was this review helpful to you? The film combines Jon Jost's signature tart wit, deadpan expressions on his characters and staccato style of dialogue with a touching romance story which can be seen in Hal Hartley films. One of the best I've personally ever watched. ), and artistic pretensions. In many ways it is a better film for viewing at home where the intimacy of the mis en scene can be appreciated, and where one can look at certain scenes over and over. Unmistakably urban, All the Vermeers in New York (1990) imports the lyrical camera of experimental filmmaker/essayist Jon Jost’s films and the violence inherent in his Westerns. This is an original, rolled, one-sheet movie poster from 1992 for the initial, theatrical release of All the Vermeers in New York (1990) starring Emmanuelle Chaulet, Katherine Bean, Grace Phillips, and Laurel Lee Kiefer. Then back again. Sort of creepy foreshadowing of history. As much narrative as contemplative. That's can be a great drama of all time. Jon Jost impressed me quite a bit with this. This is a great, beautiful, deep and rewarding film. The themes of love, loneliness, money, and art intertwine as the characters try to find meaning and break through barriers. However, romance does not ensue. "Far From Afghanistan": John Gianvito, Jon Jost and More, At the Movies: Lethal Weapon 3/The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish/The Waterdance/Night on Earth/All the Vermeers in New York. Monumentally great film. She wants to escape to the USA and start from zero; a ... See full summary ». The story takes place in New York but it's not Woody Allen's Manhattan, it's not so much about finding or losing love, romance or even alienation, as it is about obligation, about our right to not be obliged to be anything if we don't want it, not even good or loyal or in love. In conjunction with Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals, three paintings by Vermeer in the Frick’s permanent collection have been grouped together in the West Gallery. Henry Clay Frick purchased the pictures between 1901 and 1919. The is the best amalgamation of style and substance. A parable of the missteps of life enacted in the hothouse world of late 1980’s New York, in which the art market and the stock market each boomed, and in process spawned a smorgasbord of “yuppie”… Nobody knows quite what to do. A stylish variation on the problems of triolism made with striking stability of style and a great feeling for mise-en-scène. User Ratings And accompanied by a shatteringly harsh soundtrack. What I remember most clearly is that a large portion of the movie shows a view of the back of one or another character's head as that character looks at something, such as the sky from the WTC observation deck or a Vermeer painting in the Met. Close on the heels of this scene, we enter another segment of the art world, as one of the roommates - aspiring French actress and student Anna (Emmanuelle Chaulet) is seen perusing the old masters - chiefly Rembrandt and Vermeer - at what turns out to be the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and is in turn perused by our stockbroker, who hands her a note at which point she leaves. Se på All the Vermeers in New York Streama Film - High Definition Now. Set in New York amidst both the art and high finance world (a Vermeer painting has a role in the plot), it's slow and deliberately paced, but if you enter its rhythms, it's a very worthwhile movie. Also, a few slightly indulgent moments (though nothing intolerable or even much different from the more trying moments of Angelopoulos or Carlos Reygadas) left the film less than perfect, along with an ending that I felt didn't quite come off the way it should have.

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